Childish Illustrations by Mackenzie Child

Childish Illustrations

Watch me as I create my illustrations (either in real-time or lightening speed)


Start to finish this illustration took ~2 hours to create. Watch the process of me inking / coloring this illustration using the Procreate app on my iPad Pro.

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What's included?

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Santa's Helper
Santa's Helper Illustration
503 KB
Santas Helper Illustration - Lightening Speed
5 mins
Santas Helper Illustration - Real-Time
43 mins
Lil Monster
Lil Monster Illustration
383 KB
Lil Monster Illustration - Lightening Speed
7 mins
Lil Monster Sketch - Lighting
5 mins
Lil Monster Illustration - Real-Time
(1h 20m 02s)
Meeting Da King
Meeting Da King Illustration
4.62 MB
Meeting Da King Illustration - Lightening Speed
5 mins