Adobe Illustrator Essentials by Mackenzie Child

Adobe Illustrator Essentials

Learn ONLY what you need to know to start creating illustrations using Adobe Illustrator.


Adobe Illustrator is a big program and can be overwhelming when you first start using it. In this course we'll skip over everything you don't need and focus only on the essentials to get you and running quickly so you can create the illustrations in your head.

What's included?

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Adobe Illustrator Essentials
2 mins
Let's get to know the program
6 mins
Customizing your workspace
8 mins
Shapes and the pathfinder tools
9 mins
Strokes, Fills and the Eyedropper Tool
9 mins
The Pen Tool
10 mins
Alignment Tools & The Layers Panel
8 mins
7 mins
Illustration Demo
27 mins
Demo Sketch Download
971 KB
Demo - Final Illustrator File
1.55 MB