Hey, I'm Mackenzie.

I’m a product designer, illustrator & side-project enthusiast (I'm currently leading design over at Podia). Welcome to my shop 👋. Here you'll find all of my design & illustration resources.

Adobe Illustrator Essentials

Adobe Illustrator is a big program and can be overwhelming when you first start using it. In this course we'll skip over everything you don't...

Blocks Wireframing Kit for Sketch

Create beautiful & professional mid fidelity wireframes in a matter of minutes. This kit takes advantage of Sketch symbols to make the wireframing process as...

Design for Developers

This course covers everything that developers (and beginner designers) struggle with when it comes to design. It's a mixture of design theory combined with design...

Wireframe & Userflow UI Kit

This bundle comes with the User Flow Kit & Wireframe Kit. With it, you’ll quickly be able to create the 4 steps of wireframing and...

Chicomojis for Slack

Have some fun in your Slack channel with these 16 Chicomoji's made specifically for Slack (all fit within the 128x128 limit for Slack). 

Childish Illustrations

Start to finish this illustration took ~2 hours to create. Watch the process of me inking / coloring this illustration using the Procreate app on...

Blocks + UI + Userflow Wireframing Kits = 💪❤️🙌

Get all my wireframe kits in one easy bundle (and save 🤑) !

Childish Club

My name is Mackenzie Child & this is my creative playground. Here you'll find behind the scenes stuff that goes into my sketches, illustrations, paintings & other creative fun.

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